Trust Sales / Distressed Properties / Tear Downs

Trust Sales

Trust sales are often difficult for the seller. Not only are there lots of emotions involved, but often the trustee does not live in the area or the sale is unexpected, making the prospect of the sale difficult. We are here to eliminate that stress. Because of our high level of customer service and experience with giving homes a facelift, trust sales have become one of our specialties. We can advise on inexpensive ways to update the home without a remodel, to get you the top dollar in the sale. We have a great deal of experience collaborating with out of town sellers, working on their behalf to get the home ready. This includes supervising repairs, updates and clean-outs of the property. We make sure our out of town clients get detailed communication about what is going on with the process, and try to handle any issues with as little worry for them as possible.



Distressed Properties
It is not uncommon for a Trust Sale home to be in a distressed condition. When someone has lived in a home for decades there is often deferred maintenance and/or the home will have a “dated” feel that may discourage potential buyers. That’s where we come in . . . .to ensure that you get the top dollar for the home. You will get an evaluation of the home with suggestions on simple improvements. This is not remodeling. We are simply showing the buyer the potential of the home through simple and inexpensive upgrades. For example, we might paint a room in a more current color, or change out a light fixture. A buyer reaching to the top of their price range might not have additional money for remodeling – so if the home looks “good enough for now” and does not seem like an overwhelming project, then they will throw their hat into the bidding ring . . resulting in higher offers for you.

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Tear Downs


A house that is need of major repairs and updating is often referred to as a “tear-down property”.

Sellers in these cases are often trustees who do not want to put any money into fixing up the property because they believe it can only be marketed for the land value.It is our responsibility, and in your best interest, to appeal to as many buyers as possible.This could include a talented contractor who sees a diamond-in-the-rough.Or it could be an investor who thinks it could be a great rental property while obtaining permits to build his dream home.We want buyers to see potential in the home and increase the perceived value of the property.

With some basic staging we can help a buyer change from feeling overwhelmed by the project to feeling excited by the possibilities.