Occupied Homes


Occupied Homes


How you market your home is different than how you live in your home. It is now a product, and needs to be presented as such to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Staging is about creating a positive emotional response and the highest possible perceived value. While home decorating helps to infuse the personality of the client into a house, home staging is about removing individual personality so any buyer feels immediately comfortable in the home.


When you list your home with Wilbur Real Estate Group your complimentary professional home stager will come to do a walkthrough of the property, looking at your home through a buyers eye – which is something often difficult for a seller to do. Our sellers receive a detailed, room-by-room report of things you can do to enhance, neutralize and make rooms more appealing to the greatest number of buyers. This will include how to best position furniture in a room to make it look bigger, what colors to paint walls, suggested repairs, and what items should be packed away. We will also prepare a spreadsheet budget option list if the recommendations include any improvements to the house. You can choose to do as much or as little as you wish. Anything that stays with the house as part of the sale (i.e. light fixtures, painting, etc.) the seller pays for. Anything that we bring in to make the house look great (furniture, art, plants, etc.) is at no cost to the seller, as it is considered part of our marketing package. Once the budget has been approved we go to work. Any needed materials for the home are purchased then invoiced to the seller at our wholesale cost. We have a team of home preparation professionals that can assist you in getting your home ready to go on the market. If you wish, we will act as your general contractor during the preparation, coordinating all aspects, making the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Finally, we stage the home with accessories and additional furniture, if needed, to make buyers feel like they want to move right in.